Trevor Grazette

Lead & Rhythm Guitar


Trevor Grazette

Born in Bridgetown (capital) St Michael Barbados, where I lived until i was ten.  I left Barbados June 1967 and moved to Birmingham UK.  Received my secondary education at Mount Pleasant Comprehensive School from 1968 to 1974.

I have always had liking for music from an early age, I can remember trying to make a guitar from a piece of wood and fishing line of a variety of thickness in Barbados when I was about nine.

During my schooling all the children in my year took a test to find out if we had any musical ability, needless to say, (or my talent was deemed small enough as to be negligible).  All the children who passed the test were offered musical tuition on an instrument of their choice, as well as the normal music tuition which school provided. 


At that time in my life I wanted to play the trumpet and was very disappointed tat I had failed the test.  From that point on, until I was about 18 years of age I had no interest in playing a musical instrument, although I had music lesions at school. It was until I was about 17 years old when a mate suggested that together with a couple more of my friends that we form a Vocal band, based on the American soul group TheTemptations.

Also having Reggae Revolution as a separate entity I feel will only enhance the already international accessibility of the band and the message it brings through the medium of reggae music.



Crizette Band


Various pub bands and local Reggae and Soul Bands


The Barley Wine Group (popular local reggae group who played all over the country)


Born To Be Soul local soul group with recording ambitions;


Pato Banton and The Reggae Revolution, I enjoy playing with this group of talented musicians very much and have learned a great deal in my time as a member. 

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